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A well known and popular destination in the state of Michigan, is the great city of Ann Arbor. "A-squared" as many locals have come to know it, is home to a vibrant and thriving downtown area which plays host to a great selection of restaurants, bars, and an active night-life. Ann Arbor is also home to the University of Michigan, which is the second largest university in the state. U of M Wolverine athletics is a popular reason for party bus rentals in the area, as the tailgate and "game life" there is quite festive and a very popular activity for students, alumnus, and fans alike.

Athletic events are not the only reason we've noticed party bus services being used in Ann Arbor, however. Many folks like to contract a service to enjoy the great night-life in Ann Arbor. Others have taken advantage of these awesome vehicles to enjoy the many festivals and cultural events which are hosted in the area. Should you be interested in transportation services in the Ann Arbor area, we highly recommend Ann Arbor Party Bus for the best in Party Bus service in the area. If you're wondering about the night-life in Ann Arbor, by all means check out the information at Ann Arbor Bars. If you're looking for transportation on a bit smaller scale, try out Ann Arbor Limo.

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